Where all the Magic Begins

Good art in, good art out. Take the time now to ensure your artwork will product a great fina product.

Print Ready Artwork

We accept artwork in the following formats:
Vector files – .ai .pdf .eps .svg
Raster files* – .psd .png .jpg

*Raster files must be 300 DPI at print size or larger.

Vector vs. Raster

If your artwork is able to be created in vector, please do it. Vector is a math equation and can keep sharp resolution.

Raster is a pixels base formate and has to be setup to the final size with a high resolution of 300DPI. If you don’t know what you are doing in Photoshop, or know enough to be dangerous in PS, just hire a graphic designer that can create your artwork. It will save you time and money.

Outlines and Fonts

All strokes and fonts must be converted to outlines. We may not have your specific font on our computers so to ensure that the artwork looks correct, fonts need to be outlined.

To outline fonts in Adobe Illustrator, right click and select ‘Outline fonts’.

Art Design

Need help with your art or bringing your design to life? We have a team of graphic designers ready to help design your art for an hourly rate.