Wide Format | Digital Pritning

The Process of Putting Ink onto Varies Material.


Wide Range of Color

Whether you want a single color print, or a full color print — we can vividly accomplish your product.

Everyday Usage

We see examples of digital printing in our everyday life. Business cards and stickers are just some examples of this.



Digital printing is not only limited to printing on paper, there are a variety of other printable surfaces out there!

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Digital Printing Examples

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Similar to the way your printer at home lays ink onto regular paper, digital printing is done on a much larger scale with higher capabilities. Aside from paper, we also offer prints on other materials such as: vinyl for banners, vinyl for stickers and decals, corrugated plastic sheets (Coroplast), and many other surfaces!

We have the capability to create retractable banners, a-frame displays, x-frame displays, vehicle graphics, heavy grade magnets for vehicles, stickers, flyers, business cards, pole banners, team banners, window decal, posters, lawn signs (coroplast), form core, pvc, and on aluminum just to say the few.

What We Can Print On For Our Customers

Retractable Banners

My City Screen Printing carries retractable banners that are easy to us and put together for speical events and trade shows.

Team Banners

We carry 13 oz vinyl material meant for the outdoor and indoors. They can withstand the harass weather environment from rain and shine.

A-Frame Display

Our A-Frame displays are perfect for shops, restaurateurs, or any local business that want to display any specials to their customers before walking in.

X-Frame Display

Very similar to our retractable banner but has different frame. The x-frame is structured as an X and can be used to special events and trade shows.

Banners + Stands

If our retractable banners and x-frame displays are not for you, let us know and we will see what will work best for you.

Vinyl Stickers

We offer vinyl stickers that are full color with cut contour. We carry different types of vinyl material for different types of jobs.

Vechicle Graphics Wraps

We have the capability to print and install full and partial car wraps. This process we are able to get full color range.

Window Decal

Window decals are a great way to promote you local business, store front, or car to the public. We carry a wide range of colors and can even install.

Pole Banners + Hardwear

We are able to print double sided vinyl to be attached to light poles. We also carry the hardwear for the job.


Posters are a great way to promote you business, band, store, etc. We back up our posters with the highest quality you can find.

Lawn Signs / Coroplast

We offer full color printing on single or double sided lawn signs. We us UV inks that can withstand the beating of the sun, rain, and more.

Foam Core Signage

Our custom foamcore signs are made using polystyrene foam sandwiched between either paper, plastic, or a clay paper surface. … Foamcore is easily cut or routed and can be painted with certain types of paint and is a great substrate for the mounting of digital prints including photographs and graphics for wall displays.

PVC Signage

PVC (polyvinyl chloride), also known as  PVC, and Sintra®, helps you project a high-quality, professional image. Medium-weight and durable, expanded PVC can be installed and transported easily and is great for long-term indoor or short-term outdoor use.

Aluminum Signage

Aluminum is an all-around workhorse of a sign material. Great for yard signs, real estate signs, construction sites, and all kinds of outdoor and indoor signage.

Promo Magnets & Car Magnets

personalized promotional car and outdoor magnets at My City Screen Printing. We carry a wide selection ofmagnets that can be customized with your logo today!

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